Truth about distance

4:57 AM

 It's like you’re dating a ghost. You will be waiting for tomorrows, you'll wait for summer, random breaks and other big events. Oh distance, you son of a bitch.

1. When he doesn't text, it's gonna hurt like fuck. 

2. You will over think. When he doesn't call or when conversations are cut short you will overthink. Has he found someone new? Someone near? What makes me so damn special anyway? Does he feel the way I do? Why settle for someone an island away. So go ask yourself the same question, why settle for him as well? Oh I know, because you're in love with him, the idea of him. Over-thinking is okay, if you keep it to yourself.

3. It gets lonely, very lonely. When you see cute couples, you will either cringe or smile like a dork. You will constantly think about the next time you'll be seeing each other. Romance movies will make you want to barf or even cry at the littlest exchange of love. Then you will stare at the ceiling at 3am, you’ll reminisce about the memories you once shared, looking at your pictures, because somehow memory is the only thing you're left with. 

4. The agony in waiting. You can wait but can he? This time you will seek for assurance. You will be wrapped with what ifs. You just can't have a bad day, and lash it out on him. 

5. You will wake up in the middle of the night, wishing, hoping, praying that he'd appear on your doorstep or beside you. 

But when you see each other, it will be beautiful. It's always gonna be perfect even if all you do together is stare at a wall (lame and hypothetical but who knows).  Nothing's ever wasted, you can't recall any instance to be arduous.

Does LDR work?

YES. If you really really really really like this guy (and he loves you back) it will definitely work! You have to have the same amount of love exchanged or else it will flunk like all your high school flings. You have to see a future with this guy. If you treat each other like best friends and if you can see that it ain't awkward at any point, it will surely work.

He's not always there, so you have to be independent. This is also a good way to get to know yourself more and mature too since you're all alone. This is a perfect reason to dream big, bigger actually.

The positive thing about this shit is that you can concentrate about your goals and ambitions, especially your studies.

So if you ask me how I made it (or how I'm still in it) well, 2 of my closest friends are a plane ride away. Despite the distance we stayed strong, like when they come home it seems like they never left. It gets lonely, so focus on something else for the meantime.

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