Horrace Silliman

7:39 AM

This event is brought to you by the Silliman University Student Government Special Projects Committee, headed by Nikko Calledo and I. 


 This is the trailer:

And this is how the poster looked like:


Our slender man is so cute!

It was the first ever horror amazing race in Silliman University. The pressure was unbearable considering that everybody was excited to participate after we launched this funny ad last July. We came up with that name considering that Horrace is the founder of Silliman. We were so happy with the turnout because all slots were already filled even before noon during the day of the registration,  One of the most embarrassing thing that happened was when we ordered a coffin from our sponsor and they dropped it in front of the church where there was a wedding going on, my members and I panicked! The preparation was really tough and tiring but it was indeed super successful and we were really happy with the result. August 23, 2014 is one of my favorite day this year. Simply the best. 

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