Org Fair

2:49 AM

Welcome to the annual Silliman University Org Fair!   

We named the event Perya because we wanted to give it a 'peryahan' feel. This event was spearheaded by the special projects committee. This guy I'm with is actually my co-chair, Nikko Calledo. 

Here are the members of the Special Projects Committee and some of them are not in the picture. Andree Arrieta, Pol Caluscusan, Pros Gayo, Joshua Bulado, Rex Diputado, Kyle Credo, Janssen Agir, Rr Teves, Dam Ramacho, Rex Ajero and Anthony Abella. 

The booths had different gimmicks and games to attract people and somehow influence them to join their org. Here's the Chem society.

The org for international students. 
             This is one of our games, 'Nestea Pong' (instead of beer pong).
  We would like to thank Smart for our tents and Cayewood for our sound system.

                    Give a big round of applause for Hanz Denzil Villahermosa. He is currently the SUSG President and one of his goal is to eradicate student apathy. He is actually doing a great job because last night's acquaintance party was a blast. Almost all the students participated and it was even bigger than the foam party in our city. 

             Some of the orgs can't seem to get over "The Fault in our Stars". Here's their cute gimmick.

              This by the way, is our poster. :) 

After the org fair, THE Ramon Bautista visited our school gave tips whatsoever, anywaaaaay, after that we had the inter-collegiate modern dance competition and foam party. So the concept #HIMAMAT was achieved in this said event. Kudos SUSG!

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