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If I was tasked to rate John Green's  books then: 

Looking for Alaska —Winner!
Paper Towns —1st Runner up
The Fault in our Stars —2nd

1. Looking for Alaska

I could picture out everything. The setting, the people and even the clothes they wear. If there's a movie about this, I bet it will never give justice to the book.I like page turners and I like books with a guy's point of view. The book was hipster, probably this was a basis for all these indie stuff and perhaps for 8tracks too, or maybe they came at the same time, who cares, the feels are great. 

2. Paper Towns

The most inspiring book John has written would probably be Paper Towns. It made my creative juices flow. It made me write an essay about it. I liked how I could even hear the song while reading it, the perfect song would probably be Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I loved how it was alluring, realistic and it remained to be a page turner. This could've been number one, but the ending sucked sooo this explains why it only came in second.

3. The Fault in out Stars

TFIOS, THE WORLD WOULD PROBABLY HATE ME FOR SAYING THIS AND IDGAF.This is my blog anyway, my opinion, take it or take it, hoho. I had to push myself every single day, Mariana, read it. Please. Finish it. I did. After months I guess? Months of shifting to new books and then going back to TFIOS. Im sorry I expected too much from this since it went viral. I dont get why people love the concept of a love story associated with death. This is not as realistic as Paper Towns. I have also noticed how people are fans of protagonists suffering from cancer and then there's a love story about it(A Walk  to Remember) its too superficial. If it weren't for the perfect quotes I would've stopped. But i'll still watch the movie ofcourse. OF COURSE. It was really really really heart breaking. Like super heart breaking. But the end was a blast. This wasn't the best book, but it wasn't bad either. It embodied a different kind of love and one of the lines that struck me was "Love is keeping the promise anyway." 

I'll give you something to think about in the middle of my review. "THERE IS A CURE. CANCER IS A 95.5 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. YOU DONT REALLY BELIEVE THEY WANT TO STOP THAT CASH FLOW. WAKE UP."
—Somewhere in the net

So Dear Batchmates,  if you become doctors, cut this crap okay. 

Tip: Don't read what everyone's reading or you'll think the same. Oh but who cares. Read what you want to read. That's it. YOLO, but do read these books posted above, there's a reason why they went viral. 

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