When I was Queen

5:12 PM


This is a complete throwback, this happened 2 years ago, but since the season calls for it, embrace my prom post. I personally picked the design. I wanted it to be something ballerina-ish considering that I am a dancer. I wanted it to be like a corset at the back, it had to be. Then a glitch of all cute silver studs to bring out my inner rockstar, well I think I am, hahah okay forget I said that.  It went out all too well. I loved my dress, I adored it. 

Prom went out pretty good, the people I've danced with were my closest friends. Prom was meaningful, very meaningful. It was our last prom per se, so we had to make the most out of it. I was hailed Queen tho, together with Enjay Aba who was crowned king. It was a fun fun night for me, and the after party was solemn and meaningful. It wasn't much of an after party, it wasn't loud, it was like another food trip in a fast food chain since we got so hungry. 

I don't know what makes prom so special and on why we have it, but it's an experience one can never forget. 

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