Breaking Boulders

2:22 AM

When you are young, you think you’re infinite and indestructible. Life seems to stretch out like an endless road. However, what we fail to notice is that there will always be a dead end and sometimes we don't have the option of taking a U-turn.

Summer 2014, the break wherein my guardian angels had to work double time since I was at my clumsiest. One sunny afternoon, my friend and I went to the beach. It was located below a cliff so it took us a while to get there. It was the perfect beach day, the sun was out and the sky was as blue as the ocean. The sun’s rays made the ocean glimmer. Huge waves rolled across the surface, making the sea so alluring. The scorching heat made the water so inviting; I wanted to take a dip right away. The warmth of the sun engulfed us. 
(Notice: the pictures here are not the exact spots on where we almost died) 
The weird thing about this area is that what lies beneath it are rocks and broken corals. If you wanted to swim, you have to jump off a rock to get to the ocean. The waves were huge, but not big enough to scare us away.  We were fond of snorkeling and free diving so the waves were not a big deal at all. We were both so giddy because it has been a while since we hit the beach. The smell of salt and sand enveloped us and triggered our thirst for swimming. The ocean was drawing us in with its illusion of depth.
We jumped into the water without even thinking about what might possibly happen. It was all fun and games until we were trapped. It was so hard to get out because the boulders were slippery and the waves were purely violent.  I never thought the current was strong until I swam. I think I might’ve lost five pounds by just balancing and trying not to get swallowed by the waves. It seemed like there were thousands of tiny hands pulling me down. It was like being stuck inside a deep well. We didn’t even bother to scream and ask for help because obviously, nothing was going to happen considering that we were below the cliff, who would hear us?

For the first few minutes (which felt like hours already), I was trying to keep my cool and pretended like nothing was wrong because I didn’t want my friend to panic. The waves shoved us, pinning me to an enormous boulder. I tried holding on to it and pushing myself out but it was to no avail. My nails were about to fall off, my fingers were bleeding and I could feel the fire in my chest. Tears of hopelessness welled up and it made breathing even harder. 

After a few more minutes, I was able to muster up all the remaining strength I had and pulled myself up. I scrambled out, choking and spitting sea water. I dragged my friend and we laid on top of the rock, she gave out a huge sigh of relief. We talked about “what-ifs” and asked each other random hypothetical questions. We laid down there for what seems to be like hours, appreciating what we had, and being thankful for the opportunity to continue with our lives. We made it, we were winners. Maybe all it took were 50 seconds of insane courage to be able to pull ourselves together. Long live the reckless and the brave. 
I have come to realize that some of my beliefs were false. There are no flashbacks and premonitions, like the ones exaggerated in movies, just the plain situation right before your eyes. You can either freeze or swim from it and I did the latter.  

      Death, like a thief in the night, tried to kidnap me but the walls were too high, he was unsuccessful.

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