SU ROTC Sponsors

9:12 PM

We are not just a bunch of girls who sit around the corner and enjoy the benefits of being a sponsor. You might see us in the corner being vain and talking the whole day, but we do community service as well and you just don't know it!  So these are some of the things we do.

1. Coastal clean-up on an early saturday.  

  2. Smile for the camera, ofcourse!

3. Feeding Programs

4. Give slippers to the beggars, a program I organized.

5. We also have umbrellas, which we use for the higher officials and that they may not suffer from the heat. One time, this high official called me out for standing beside him while I was holding an umbrella (for him), can you imagine what a dick he was? What I did was, when it was his turn to go up on stage, I stood beside him, still bringing the umbrella and I hit his face with it, he almost fell out of the platform. Oh well.

6. And WE represent the ROTC unit, we are face of this unit, and that we should be a role model to our fellow cadets.

                                                                                               -xoxo  Capt. Varela

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